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HUKM 4th Public Forum 2017

HUKM Forum officiated by Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Sri Dr. S Subramaniam represented by Deputy Director General of Health (Research and Technical Support), Datuk Dr. Shahnaz Murad. Also present were UKM Board Member Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad; UMBI director, Prof Datuk Dr A Rahman A Jamal; Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Roslina Abdul Manap and Head of PPUKM Cell Therapy Center, Prof Dr. S Fadilah Abdul Wahid.

The forum was run by the famous celebrity Januar Haikal as moderator of the forum. The inaugural forum was also attended by the presence of Malaysian invited guests such as Imam Young Asyraf, renowned singer Sasha Saidin, stem cell specialist in medicine and research, Prof Dr. S Fadilah Abdul Wahid (Head of Cell Therapy Center) and Dr. Chin Sze Piaw (Cytopeutics Sdn. Bhd) and Dr. Azizah Ab Ghani (Chair of the Biological Section, NPRA, MOH) who addressed the topic and addressed the community’s questions and concerns about stem cells in terms of medicine and health, beauty and Islamic perspective.
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