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Patented Technologies in Usa and Malaysia

We are a pioneer Malaysian stem cell company granted with several USA Patents for acute stroke, diabetes and macular oedema treatment with cell-based composition, as well as local patents for treatment involving heart, stroke, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.

Regulatory Compliance

Cytopeutics has been granted clinical trial exemption (CTX) license to provide mesenchymal stem cells (Cyto-MSC) for clinical investigational use, regarded as a precedent under the new Cell and Gene Therapy Product (CGTP) regulations.

CGMP Certified Lab

Cytopeutics Stem Cells are processed under strict regulation, in-line with the International Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S) standards.

Genetic and Health Screening

Donors and family members undergo rigorous health and genetic screening to ensure the cells are free from cancer, infectious diseases, and mutation.

Beyond Needle-to-needle Service

Our trained and experienced product specialist will take care all your needs and concerns.
Syariah Compliant Endorsed By Jakim

Syariah Compliant Endorsed By JAKIM

Your peace of mind is important to us. Having our processes audited by the country’s Islamic authority ensures that we meet a strict ethical compliance code and that our cells are cultured in animal-free medium.

Strong Research Collaboration with Ministry Of Health (MOH) and Institutes Of Higher Learning (LHL)

We have published multiple research papers and undertaken clinical trials on various diseases in collaboration with renowned universities from the public and private sectors with the support of research grants by the government body.

Over 12 Years Track Record On Safety and Efficacy

We are one of the longest running stem cell treatment registries on safety and efficacy in the region, with no complications.

Experienced Team of Stem Cell Specialists

Our clinicians and medical advisors are experts in the field of stem cells with many years of research experience and publications.

Full Informed Consent

Our cells are rightfully obtained, with the full consent of the donor or the baby’s parents.
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